Exactly fifteen minutes ago Cassandre Balbar arrived at this rural paradise outside Stockholm that we’re at right now, making us nearly complete in number. All we’re waiting for now is our famous scotsman David Foley. Then all is set for our biggest tour yet.

Airplanes, trains, cars, busses and bicycles have carried the band members from India, Senegal, England, France and various parts of sweden to three small houses in Järna, where we will have our base camp during the tour.

This is what the vibe is like.

Now we have four days of intense rehearsals, jamming and tunesharing ahead of us.

It is the third time we gather, the second time we are based in Järna and the first time we release recorded material. YES, that’s right! On our first gig – KORRÖ FOLKMUSIKFESTIVAL we officially release our first EP. Will be grand.