New album and tour 2018! 

It’s been almost two years ago since we last toured, and three years ago we last released some recorded material – our debut album Transglobal Roots Fusion.

But now the time has come to announce to all of you, fans, friends and family –

Världens Band-6Welcome back to the Världens Band universe, and make sure check out our tour dates here on the website!



The Världens Band saga continues. For us, this second album was really an adventure, a fantasy, a dream come true.

The existence of this band may seem impossible, with so many members scattered around the world. But somehow or another, with the support of funding bodies, venues, bookers, friends, families and our wonderful audience, we are still going, and we feel stronger than ever.

As soon as we finished our first album, we were itching to record our new material, with many more original compositions. All rooted in our own musical backgrounds, we feel our music has grown as we have become closer as a group. 

Världens Band-22

For Dadjalo, we rehearsed all together in Hagaberg –our adopted headquarters– and then occupied Nataraj studio for a week.

We finalised the recordings with some additional material sent over from London, Glasgow and Kerala and worked hard to ensure that it would be ready for our 2018 summer tour.

Thanks to Larry O’Malley in Audio Bec Studio in Québec who mixed the album with love and respect for our work, the album is done and we look forward to share it with you soon!

Dadjalo – Come together!