UK tour is on!

Allright. We’re in the middle of our very first UK tour! 
It feels almost impossible to convey the overwhelming joy we feel right now in only words. So I attached some photos to give an idea of the fun stuff happening.
IMG_4859The reception we’ve got and all the wonderful people we’ve met already so far is just spectacular.

Just now we got back from a great day at the Sage Gateshead, Newcastle. First spending the day with excellently talented young musicians playing some tunes, future stars and Världens Band members for sure!
And then performing in Hall Two for 200 hundred paying guests (!).
We never dreamed we would sell out the entire first floor and almost the 2nd as well. Magical.

We had a great start in Glasgow, rehearsing for two days and playing at the kickass event Folklub. Best start of a tour ever.
That was followed by full houses in Newcastle and Leeds Uni, just incredible moments there, and had a wild show in a Manchester basement afterwards.


We still have a few days left on the tour, and plans are already being made for coming back in the future!
The journey continues!