Hello friends!
At this moment all the band members have arrived in their respective homes across the globe.
And it’s time for a moment of reflection. What a journey we’ve had!
UK met us with open arms, open minds and truly amazing people.
Full houses almost every concert, playing joyful festivals and holding workshops with talented young musicians. Världens Band Session-268

This tour will serve as a deep source of energy and inspiration for us for a very long time.
To all who came to our concerts, spread the word about us and joined the celebration of diversity we wish to say THANK YOU!

We leave this UK tour behind us with a feeling that the future is bright and good. Beacuse we’ve met so many people who truly are ambassadors of peace, who will trigger good intentions to their surroundings, strong enough to possibly create large scale change. Strengthened by this, we will continue to work for that same goal every day.

We are also happy to tell you that we already have new future bookings from this tour, and the itinerary points to India, Italy, Sweden and of course – BACK TO THE UK! More info will follow.

Världens Band Session-65What started as a one-time project 2012 in Sweden now have become a steady, permanent band. A project of music and international cooperation.
We will therefore start working on our first STUDIO ALBUM!
Hope to be released next year.

VBThat’s all for now. Thanks again and keep in touch!
Much Love
Världens Band