New album and tour 2018! 

It’s been almost two years ago since we last toured, and three years ago we last released some recorded material – our debut album Transglobal Roots Fusion.

But now the time has come to announce to all of you, fans, friends and family –

Världens Band-6Welcome back to the Världens Band universe, and make sure check out our tour dates here on the website!



The Världens Band saga continues. For us, this second album was really an adventure, a fantasy, a dream come true.

The existence of this band may seem impossible, with so many members scattered around the world. But somehow or another, with the support of funding bodies, venues, bookers, friends, families and our wonderful audience, we are still going, and we feel stronger than ever.

As soon as we finished our first album, we were itching to record our new material, with many more original compositions. All rooted in our own musical backgrounds, we feel our music has grown as we have become closer as a group. 

Världens Band-22

For Dadjalo, we rehearsed all together in Hagaberg –our adopted headquarters– and then occupied Nataraj studio for a week.

We finalised the recordings with some additional material sent over from London, Glasgow and Kerala and worked hard to ensure that it would be ready for our 2018 summer tour.

Thanks to Larry O’Malley in Audio Bec Studio in Québec who mixed the album with love and respect for our work, the album is done and we look forward to share it with you soon!

Dadjalo – Come together!

New music!


Dear friends!

Right now we are working on new music for our next album in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. New sounds and ideas merging into fantastic music! Can’t wait to show you the result!

We also updated our tour schedule with new dates for this autumn in Sweden, Denmark and England. Make sure to come to our concerts and hear the new songs live for the first time.

See you soon!


Hello friends!
At this moment all the band members have arrived in their respective homes across the globe.
And it’s time for a moment of reflection. What a journey we’ve had!
UK met us with open arms, open minds and truly amazing people.
Full houses almost every concert, playing joyful festivals and holding workshops with talented young musicians. Världens Band Session-268

This tour will serve as a deep source of energy and inspiration for us for a very long time.
To all who came to our concerts, spread the word about us and joined the celebration of diversity we wish to say THANK YOU!

We leave this UK tour behind us with a feeling that the future is bright and good. Beacuse we’ve met so many people who truly are ambassadors of peace, who will trigger good intentions to their surroundings, strong enough to possibly create large scale change. Strengthened by this, we will continue to work for that same goal every day.

We are also happy to tell you that we already have new future bookings from this tour, and the itinerary points to India, Italy, Sweden and of course – BACK TO THE UK! More info will follow.

Världens Band Session-65What started as a one-time project 2012 in Sweden now have become a steady, permanent band. A project of music and international cooperation.
We will therefore start working on our first STUDIO ALBUM!
Hope to be released next year.

VBThat’s all for now. Thanks again and keep in touch!
Much Love
Världens Band

UK tour is on!

Allright. We’re in the middle of our very first UK tour! 
It feels almost impossible to convey the overwhelming joy we feel right now in only words. So I attached some photos to give an idea of the fun stuff happening.
IMG_4859The reception we’ve got and all the wonderful people we’ve met already so far is just spectacular.

Just now we got back from a great day at the Sage Gateshead, Newcastle. First spending the day with excellently talented young musicians playing some tunes, future stars and Världens Band members for sure!
And then performing in Hall Two for 200 hundred paying guests (!).
We never dreamed we would sell out the entire first floor and almost the 2nd as well. Magical.

We had a great start in Glasgow, rehearsing for two days and playing at the kickass event Folklub. Best start of a tour ever.
That was followed by full houses in Newcastle and Leeds Uni, just incredible moments there, and had a wild show in a Manchester basement afterwards.


We still have a few days left on the tour, and plans are already being made for coming back in the future!
The journey continues!



The Swedish tour is over. Looking back at 29 concerts and a sold out debut album, we’re happy beyond description.
The support and reception we’ve got has been absolutely overwhelming.
Thanks to all who made it happen! Organizers, audiences, friends, funders, bus drivers, optimists, chefs, boyfrineds, girlfriends, parents, children, kick-bikes, glitter factories, and of course: ERIK! Our producer without whom it all would fall apart.

NOW! We are getting ready for the UK TOUR! For the first time playing in the homeland of Dave, David and Matthew.
Happy days ahead! 

Here’s the tour schedule:

See you in October!



Exactly fifteen minutes ago Cassandre Balbar arrived at this rural paradise outside Stockholm that we’re at right now, making us nearly complete in number. All we’re waiting for now is our famous scotsman David Foley. Then all is set for our biggest tour yet.

Airplanes, trains, cars, busses and bicycles have carried the band members from India, Senegal, England, France and various parts of sweden to three small houses in Järna, where we will have our base camp during the tour.

This is what the vibe is like.

Now we have four days of intense rehearsals, jamming and tunesharing ahead of us.

It is the third time we gather, the second time we are based in Järna and the first time we release recorded material. YES, that’s right! On our first gig – KORRÖ FOLKMUSIKFESTIVAL we officially release our first EP. Will be grand.

Världens Band 2014

Today is a big day! Today is one year since we finished our last tour – Världens Band 2013. A tour leaving us with that special feeling of joyful emptiness in the chest after having experienced something completely overwhelming and fantastic.
Today is also a big day for another reason, as it marks the start of an important process in Sweden. In exactly four months it is election time, and the need for change has never been bigger.
Today Världens Band joins the movement of creating that change, contributing to tilting the country towards the direction of improved openness, oneness and acceptance.
A place with space for everyone, with resources divided from each according to ability, to each according to their need.

Världens Band

Världens Band

We are therefore bursting with joy as we can tell you that WE ARE BACK!
 we release our first tour dates for the summer, a tour addressing the necessity of curiosity, love and respect towards each other, in these days of growing division and xenophobia throughout Europe and the world.
It addresses the need for celebration and dance.
The longing for conversations that create true change and last but not least – the need for a debut record from VÄRLDENS BAND!
We will release a five track strong live album and give it a spin as we go from north to south.

See the tour dates here

Preview some of the tracks here

A tour in England and France is in the making for autumn 2014 as well. Fantastic times ahead!

I can’t tell you how much we are looking forward to meeting all of you again!
Here is a video from our first tour that can’t be seen enough times. Enjoy!

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Much love